these lessons offer you a formula, not just a solution

you create your own solutions going forward.


n these nineteen lessons, I want to take you on a journey. It is a journey of discovery and examination. I will be your guide in what is usually seen as familiar territory, but I want to draw your attention to details that we miss while we focus on mainly the big picture. I will be leading you down an unfamiliar path, one that seems hard to grasp which is why we get into trouble. We find it hard and we leave it alone. So what we will be doing is trying to make a hard thing easy. We will show you that life is complex, but it should not be complicated.

I will not discuss philosophy or religion. These are scientific discussions using both logic and physics. Though these seem esoteric to some people, please understand that they are part of life. We (generally) wish not to be bothered by having to understand them, but they WILL impact all of us. So rather than bury our heads in the sand, let us see how I can take this difficult subject and make it easy so you can include it in your daily life. I will show you both here and in the Casual Chats, how to use these insights to make life both interesting and manageable even in highly volatile states.

Here is the introductory lesson to show you where we will take you and how we will take you there.

Building Self-Confidence and Self-Accountability

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