Who likes change?

Unless it ushers in something familiar or pleasant, it frightens almost everyone.


his book is about looking at life analytically and formulating a sense of purpose by understanding the unknown, seeing the invisible, and anticipating the unexpected. These are new challenges. They are the result of continuous, invisible change on which life is designed. It is not a story about the journey of a particular individual. It is not about what happens when things go wrong. There are countless stories about survival and the courageous actions of an individual making things right that cannot be duplicated in real life because the circumstances were extreme, or because the response was unique

This book, instead, is about how to make things go right within you no matter how wrong or tough they may seem on the outside. It elaborates on the premise that, like a plant which can only grow if it is exposed to the ravishes of the sun, wind, rain and soil decomposition, so to must the human being know how to use change productively.

The only way you can satisfy your personal objective of developing the conscious insight and fulfillment that will equip you to manage life’s stresses is to use your creativity. That means discovering your limits, challenging yourself beyond them, and applying your personally developed and unique perspective to the management of your life.

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Building Self-Confidence and Self-Accountability

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