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In order to access the guidance available here and also communicate with us privately and securely online, registration is necessary.  Registration is free for employees of a business that has contracted with us.  Just insert the code provided you by your department head.  No reports will ever be made about your usage.  That remains completely confidential as our purpose is to expand and strengthen personal power, not treat a weakness or illness.

If you are an individual without an affiliation, please register as a private client. You will be taken to the PayPal portal which is separate from us.  We are not party to your private information.  Registration is affordable at $250.00 CAD and allows you unrestricted access and support for 2 years by counsellors within our facility using the private message box that only you and your counsellor will ever see. At the end of your membership all data are erased from your communications. An extension of membership can be activated by request. This is then free but does not have access to the message box.

Registration is necessary for us to be able to establish a private, secure and personalized connection that is unique to you. Our interaction is to explain an interpretation so you can better use the guidance.  It is not necessary to reveal a need or a reason for using the site.  The guidance and support are not intended to make you feel better or cure an illness; they are intended to give you the resources to make yourself feel better, enjoy your work and its challenges, manage a recovery from emotional pain or from a dependency on substances you may have used to ease or avoid that pain, and to be more capable managing relationships and family. Your personal management lasts because it comes from within you. We do not just give you our support and encouragement. We give you YOU!

Thus, there will be no attempt to contact you except in response to a query made by you.  Also, any discussion is done only while you are logged in to your secure portal.  Nothing is transmitted through the internet or email.

Thank you.  Enjoy your exploration.

Individual clients may register here.  The cost for this is nominal but gives you full guidance and support online… whenever you need it.

Employees, please register here using the code provided to you by your employer.

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