To be mentally strong, you need more than immediate answers.

You need to explore outside the envelope of your immediate existence.


hese are written discussions you may print and read. They address specific topics and attempt to use the Understanding Change approach to explain or waist in their management.

You will find essays under a variety of categories. Some will interest you. Others may just offer passing interest. Choose what you wish to explore. Come back again and check as we will be adding new assays along the way
Here are two essays that will give you an idea of what you will receive…

Self Respect

Self Respect is the ability to maintain dignity in the face of stress, rejection, criticism, or any activity that can erode one`s value systems. In a world of imposing immensity and persistent change, the forces that can strike at anyone`s value systems can be extreme, unprecedented, and persistent. Yet, we cannot contain or control those external events. There is no special stress that will always threaten every person. What threatens is the difference between what is imposed and the strength of the systems defining the person facing those impositions. If something destroys the systems that create value and define self, then it can destroy us. As human beings, we will always be bombarded by the immensity of work and the uncertainty of life to a degree greater than our developed strengths can allow us to manage. In addition, rejection and criticism will always reach us. We can, however, attempt to expand our internal strengths so there is greater resilience to the stresses that will impact us.


The Lesson From The Canoe.

Have you ever seen a person who has never been in a canoe before try to canoe? It looks like an exercise in frustration. He sits awkwardly on one of the seats and gingerly paddles, first on the right, and then on the left. On a smooth lake, it may even seem to be a pleasant exercise though somewhat overdone. Now suppose such a person sets out bravely enjoying a glassy-smooth lake early one morning. The zigzag path doesn’t concern him as he stays close to shore or secure within a small bay.

Now let us suppose that a young teenager with a fast motor boat zooms by close to this intrepid but inexperienced canoeist. What happens next is not difficult to visualize. The canoe rocks and may even capsize. What does he do?


Building Self-Confidence and Self-Accountability

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