All good counselors know that recovery does not stop at abstinence.  It continues into recovery of dignity, of purpose, of living life to its fullest.

How we help our charges achieve this can mean the difference between powerful resurgence and early relapse.


he goal of the Understanding Change process is to help counselors give clients structured guidance past recovery.  Traditionally, ware well focused on withdrawal management, supportive aftercare, and relapse prevention tools.  What we lack is a structured method of teaching self-empowerment that elevates clients into progressive self-reliance, secure self-confidence, and purposeful productivity.  Understanding Change will help them do just that.


The Understanding Change process is based on the acknowledgement that life is designed on a foundation of persistent and uncompromising change that will impact everyone – the rich as well as the poor, the good as well as the bad, the wise as well as the naïve.  It is the mandate of every human being to learn how to live with it, or preferably above to it.  Everyone can rise to that challenge, but has to be shown how, especially if that rise has been impeded by the use of drugs or alcohol.


e invite you to go beyond abstinence and help your clients to see what attracted them to the lifestyle, what they need to do to build, rebuild, or secure their personal strengths, and how to build themselves above the weaknesses that allowed them to succumb.  This is going above the hard work of getting them clean or even of sharing your strength for them to succeed.  It shows them how to fly with their own wings.

Do your clients a favor and register as a professional associate.  Then examine the Understanding Change guidance.  When you are satisfied that it can extend your reach to help your clients grow up and grow out as mature, productive adults, refer them to use it so they can learn to  see their purpose as thinking, creative human beings.  There is no cost or obligation to be a professional associate. We want you to use this as a fellow professional, as much as you want, as freely as you want with no restrictions.  We want you to own it.  Once you have registered and signed in, you will have access to the full E-BOOK you can read, download, or print and read; access to the first four Lessons as a start to see if you really want to get further into it; and unrestricted use of the private message board (even to discuss a private matter with another associate or to set up private communications with your clients).  Discussions do not appear on emails and are inaccessible to other users.  Each user must login to read or respond as those discussions remain on the server.

The Understanding Change vision will explore the observation that, whenever someone feels out of balance with how they represent themselves to the world, they see only two ways to restore balance.  One is to fix, stabilize, or disconnect from  the conditions.  The other is to manage within the conditions.  Though the first seems easier to accomplish, it is harder and unstable.  Though the second seems difficult and demeaning, it is actually easy and elevating.  We have butted our collective heads trying to do the first – demanding that conditions be made right, avoiding bad choices and embracing what seems good.  But they are always hard to reach and, when reached, do not stay.  These discourses examine how the second can be done.  They show that, when anyone can accept personal blemishes and learn to believe in the power of self, it is easy and even comforting to live or work anywhere, with anyone, and under any condition.  Immunity can be achieved.

When you explore the site and determine that your clients can benefit,  you may either suggest they visit the website and determine the value for themselves, or provide them with a code that allows them to join as your sponsored client.  If they join independently, they can use our counselors to help them analyze an issue and use the program.  If you are the sponsor, you will be their point of contact using the private message box. You may request your code using the Private Message Box.

Let’s Build Self-Confidence and Self-Accountability in Our Clients

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