Let us learn to look at life, less as impositions of stress and challenges, and more as raw material for personal growth and self-realization.

First, examine the links above that describe the various deliveries of our program to stimulate and enlighten you.

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You can access guidance in one of two formats.  One is self-help and is the one recommended  Though it appears to be too much of an imposition when you feel weakest, it is much more empowering and enlightening than is supportive therapy.  You will still receive support and guidance, but it will be virtual – through the internet.  It does have significant advantages – convenient, private, inexpensive, and discreet while also giving you real support and guidance with no limitation.

The other is private consultation with us at our office in Toronto.  This also is not therapy but we will walk you through the process and assist you in a structured manner.  We offer private consultations in a home environment that can be more welcoming than the harsh ambience of a commercial building.

For Full, Self-Study privileges, please register here:

To book a private, personalized consultation, please call or write us:

The links in the sub-menu above will only introduce you to the way we will guide you.  You will receive the full guidance when you are logged-in to the self-study program or contact us for a private consultation.  Please examine the six options in the sub-menu above.


et’s face it, every human being wants to feel capable, successful and useful. When we have those measures of assurance we can face any obstacle and be able to just be “high on life”. The strength we get from these assurances is not physical. It lies in the essence of who we are. It is driven and energized by how we see ourselves – our self worth or self-image.

This is not something that someone else can give you no matter how caring or generous they may be. It is something that only you can give to yourself. And that is what we propose to show you. We want to show you how to secure it so it is not vulnerable to the stresses that come at you from the changing circumstances of life, other people’s influence, or your own physical health and wellbeing.

We consider this to be your personal journey, not one you must share with others. The guidance you will seek and receive will be offered privately, discreetly, and with real support. The objective is to build clarity within your vision of self, not just to manage an unhealthy behavior. We do, however, recognize that a person with an unhealthy behavior or even an addiction will have needed help from outside if only to get started. We see it as absolutely necessary, however, to still build, restore, and secure the power of the self – your self-image – even if you have already successfully discarded an old habit.

Building Self-Confidence and Self-Accountability

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