because it is both a curiosity and an enigma

It is Change that throws you off kilter, when it comes

as the harsh or unkind word from

a spouse or partner, family, friend, boss, colleague, or any stranger.

as a new task or a twist in an old one

at work, in the home, on the road, from nature making your best efforts seem puny or insufficient

as a feeling that permeates your body because of

an injury, unidentified pain, or unexpected illness that sidelines you or makes you weak or incapacitated, even for a short time

As a feeling in your mood

sometimes, you may just feel moody, unhappy, uncertain for no apparent reason.

Whether you are recovering from an addiction, an illness, or just never had the feeling of being able to deal with life…

you need to know two things – these are normal variations in life, and you have the power to face life on its terms.  You just have to ignite it.

Let’s get you back to that, or get you to that stage if you felt you never had it.

You must know that your greatest asset is that you think.  You can create ideas, see clearly, be the best you can be.

You are not just a sophisticated organic form with stored information.  We want you to see yourself as a mind with a body, not just a body with a mind, no matter how pretty, sophisticated, or privileged is that body.  We want you to realize the power of the mind and build it to its fullest potential.

Read through the pages of this site and see how we plan to do just that.

Learn to be High on Life

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