change gives life.  life is built on change.

Change can be as much an invitation to expand you as it can appear to be a force to destroy you.

So whether you are

  • Facing a new opportunity – relationship, career, job responsibility, studies, sports, performance
  • Losing a comfortable status – a loved one to divorce, death, relocation, a job, finances, home
  • Seeking to return to life – after a period of illness, addiction, or incarceration, or 
  • Just trying to live – or cope with the daily grind

we want to invite you to get management advantage, not by learning to survive the pressure of change, but by learning how to understand it, rise above it, and use it to stimulate  your fullest potential.

We want to show you that…

The power to embrace change and explore outside of your comfort zone comes from within.  It is the power of Understanding.

You build understanding by exploring what you do not understand.  That comes with change.  But change can be frightening.

Understanding is not something that comes with your genes, heritage, or the intelligence of another.  You need to build your own.

So the thing that builds you can also destroy you when you do not know how to face it.

You learn to face it during the long preparatory years of human childhood.  In those years, you should get

  • the discipline to face progressive change,
  • the guidance to examine new conditions comfortably, and
  • the encouragement to feel good about what you have achieved in understanding, no matter how small.

But this is not often done, or done in balance with the complexity of life today.

When this is not done in balance, the desire or determination to explore new challenges and build the understanding to face them may not always be forthcoming.  Rapid change can easily place even the most competent person under duress.

Our invitation is to show you how to restructure a complete balance without having to reveal or display what you may be lacking.  We show you how to refocus yourself so you will quickly be able, not only to know, but to know how to know so that you can go into the future with self-initiated confidence, determination and a firm sense of purpose.

First, we will discuss with you an overview about the process of mental function.  No you do not have to learn to be a psychologist.  You see, mental function is the essence of the human being.  You think.  That is what makes you human.  Other animals react with instinct.  Some have sophisticated instincts while others have simple, almost linear instincts.  But you think.  That is a quality that you are born with, but it is one that you must nurture and expand.

Next, we will discuss with you the foundations of your physical environment, how and why it changes, and how to anticipate and courageously explore the change. And you do not have to be a physicist. We will enlighten you on it in simple arguments. Then, you learn to put these two together, see yourself as separate from the world and know how to build yourself from your exploration of it. Does this sound difficult? It is not. It may challenge your thinking. But is that not what we want to do?

You can accept this invitation as an opportunity to build yourself

  • after you have successfully recovered from an addiction
  • in preparation for your entrance to your treatment, or
  • as a means of enhancing treatment you may be receiving for other unhealthy moods or behaviors.

Now let us examine how this can be done.

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