Remember, you are the essence, not just the body.

Inspire yourself, don’t just survive an event.


hese presentations are meant to challenge and stimulate your thoughts on certain common subjects. Some will offer inspiration on specific subjects that concern you, either in business or family life, or to understand a personal difficulty from a different perspective.  Some mey be uploaded in response to a discussion I may have with one or more viewer in the private message box.  Others may have just a passing interest to some people while they may evoke strong emotions in others.

Regardless, after completing the tutorials, you may find that you will begin to take an interest outside of the necessary exploration for business or a pressing personal need that you have been able to solve, and situations you once dismissed have become up-front and center in your life. You will appreciate these discussions, but though they will not give direct answers, they will inspire your thoughts in a direction where you will be more able to create your own answers.

The presentations are less than 10 minutes long, so please view them and come back as you wish. These are not in sequence and can be viewed in any order.  Two are offered here to let you have a taste of them. There are many more available to signed-up users and more are regularly added as we get requests or are awakened to a need we did not address yet.

Two chats are inserted so you can see what they offer. Hover over either to stop and view.

Building Self-Confidence and Self-Accountability

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