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Our main focus is our online guidance

However, you may want to have personalized, face-to-face help and guidance.  We are willing to provide this to a small, select number of clients.  please call us or fill out the form and let us discuss your matter privately.

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You may wish to know something that can get you kick-started.


You may wish to know if we can meet and perhaps offer an initial interview or continue with personalized guidance.  Though we do not do these customarily in an effort to encourage you to build yourself through on-line counselling, we will consider it for select clients.


Should you wish to explore this option, please call and together we will decide if this is the best path for you.  Sometimes a telephone call is all that is needed to sort out what seems to be a serious obstacle and then allow you to use the website productively.

For your privacy we do not require your name.  You may fill in that area only if you wish to do so.

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Please contact us if you have a specific request.

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