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Our main focus is our online guidance

However, you may want to have personalized, face-to-face help and guidance.  If you are not already connected with a counselor, please fill out the form or call us and we will attempt to connect you with an appropriate referral.

Our invitation

Direct interaction.



You may wish to know something that can get you kick-started to use the lessons here.  If you are not associated with a counselor who is familiar with this system, please fill out the form and we will endeavour to assist you or connect you with someone close to you.


Perhaps a short call or initial question may be all you need to get you to understand and use the techniques offered here.  Though we would prefer that you use your present counselor, we are also fully prepared to support our program by speaking with you directly or responding directly to a privately posted question.

For your privacy we do not require your name.  You may fill in that area if you are comfortable to do so.

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Please contact us if you have a specific request.

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