Self Respect

Self Respect is the ability to maintain dignity in the face of stress, rejection, criticism, or any activity that can erode one`s value systems. In a world of imposing immensity and persistent change, the forces that can strike at anyone`s value systems can be extreme, unprecedented, and persistent. Yet, we cannot contain or control those […]


The Lesson of The Canoe

Have you ever seen a person who has never been in a canoe before try to canoe? It looks like an exercise in frustration. He sits awkwardly on one of the seats and gingerly paddles, first on the right, and then on the left. On a smooth lake, it may even seem to be a […]


Helpful Recovery

There is a common assertion that an addiction is a disease. It is chronic and stays with the person, always hiding in the shadows and being a constant threat to re-establish control if they are not vigilant. Though there is some truth to that statement, it bothers me because it can sound like a death […]

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