What do YOU do?

Do you

If you follow any of these responses, you are giving up on real life, not only because of what you do, but because what you do also screens you from the stimulation life gives to your mental strength!

Do you want to really project yourself as

  • incompetent?
  • ill?
  • irresponsible?

even though doing so can get you

out of a sticky spot (temporarily)?
treatment that soothes the symptoms of your feelings of failure though it leaves you to wait for them to subside on their own?
empathy and consideration for your weakness with little recognition for your strength?

Is this what you want?

Or do you want to pull yourself up, get back on the horse, and recover your strength to be as good as you can be?

Would you like to discover why your mental strength can be so easily shut down? what to do to make it powerful and stable? how to build a self-image that is impervious to change and the unpredictable responses of other people when they are faced with change and uncertainty?
Then, let's get started.


But you can stop it from eroding your MENTAL STRENGTH!