are the honest manifestations of how you see yourself – inside.

From happiness to confidence or from the opposite feelings of fear, loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger, unworthiness. They all reveal what you see within yourself.

So it makes little sense trying to hide, stifle, or disregard those feelings when they are bad.

Feelings are like pain.

Pain is something we do not want but, because it tells us of something going wrong within, it is something we need.

Would you want to remove the pain without discovering what it is there to tell you about your body’s health?

Then, do not try to stop feelings that are bad without first trying to find out what it is designed to tell you about you – and fix that.

If you do, you may find that the bad feelings go away and the good feelings emerge – without having to stop them.

Let us lead you through an examination of why unhappy feelings are necessary bellwethers of what you need to do about you and how you can use them to fix something that needs to be fixed – the inside you.

Let’s start by exploring change – how it can evoke those feelings of inner emptiness

And what you can do to make yourself impervious.

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