Being Accomplished and Satisfied

  • at work
  • at home
  • with your friends, and clients
  • within yourself

is a lot easier than you think!

Everyone has it in them. The desire, the drive, the capability are parts of the make-up of the human existence.

It is natural that, when we feel good, we are productive, composed, creative, and considerate.

We find ourselves more able to consider other's inputs and differences, and even learn from them.

We can display our own opinions with confidence.

So these too are natural.

So what goes wrong?


When conditions change - in the work you do, in the opinions and allegiances of others (spouse, boss, colleague, friends), in the strength and stamina you need to display yourself...

It can make what you know seem insufficient, and what you feel to become uncertain or even negative.

And change occurs continuously, surreptitiously, long before it manifests.

You need to accept change as a de facto part of life

and be able to read it as it evolves, even inconspicuously, so you can stay calm, poised, controlled, and strong when things seem strange or foreboding.

Let's do it!

But first, let's analyze the problem...