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A Resource For Guiding Youth To Manage More Composedly In Today's
Complex And Unforgiving Reality.

Change is all around us. We are afraid of it when it brings hardships, and we welcome it when it brings joy. We cannot live without it. The weather changes radically and drastically often without warning and without our say-so. Health, career, finances all change, and the changed situations present new challenges, almost constantly.

Nowhere, however, is change more prolific and imposing than that experienced by youth as they move from the innocence and freedom of childhood into the responsibility and accountability of adulthood. At no other time has it ever been so frightening and imposing as it is in the highly volatile and rapidly changing world they will inherit today.

Youth respond to this transition in a wide range of manner. Some youth will sail through, but only if they have been well prepared. Many youth, however, get into trouble – staying confused about personal moods and ambition, reacting inappropriately and defiantly to impositions or expectations, seeking redress in the company of peers, the solace of drugs and alcohol, or the withdrawal into the indulgent reality of gaming and social media.

- They are not bad or sick, only confused! -

Here you can learn how to be the best resource for your youth and help rather than oppose or simply facilitate their self-defeating actions. We will show you how to re-establish your position and authority, understand their defenses and circumvent them, regroup and resume the task of building self-worth and self-determination, and assist them to be confident and purposeful before it is too late or restore them if they have already faltered. And we do it through audiovisual guidance PLUS interactive private communication with you.

Examine A logical Life Management strategy

Examine A logical Life Management strategy

Now, before you do anything else, go through the website. There are not many pages and these are short. See if it resonates with you.Then take the plunge. It is inexpensive, better than long sessions with a therapist, more convenient, and directed at enlightening you, not just supporting or encouraging you. You will be able to access us anytime to discuss a particular matter, first using the private message board and then, through the telephone or direct face-to-face discussions. We are here to help you save your youth... and yourself.

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