Understanding Change is a Life Management Strategy that teaches us .
- How to stay in control when conditions change - too much ... too fast... too unexpectedly.
- How to deal with illness and injury as events that will come about naturally.
- How to deal with the opinions and expectations of other people when they impose or reveal them
- How to stand tall when others are not supportive or when they dismiss and criticize.


It is necessary because:

Education about life management is not offered in schools, in church, or by the medical or social community, except in the management of specific issues and to specific objectives.

  • The medical community is concerned about illness - that it shouldn't happen and reverses it with treatment when it does.
  • The religious community is concerned about nature. Disaster shouldn't happen and pray that it doesn't or pray for relief.
  • Society is concerned about disruptive people - they shouldn't be disruptive or invasive, and confine them in jails or punish them when they are.

Of course we must address these issues. But we also must recognize that they should and will happen. It is our job, not to wish them away, but to understand them and manage them strategically, or we will always be left feeling helpless when these conditions befall us.
What's next?

What's next?

When we have to respond to a situation and it is being transformed by a force we can neither define nor examine, we are facing an unknown. The unknown overwhelms intelligence and we are left to apply reactive rather than intelligent options. Conflict results and our vain attempts to resolve it without first understanding it escalates the conflict. Let's see how we can manage through understanding the source by first understanding the reactions.

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