It can be easy and gratifying to pull yourself out of a self-destructive habit.
But you must do it constructively or you can be condemned to a life of perpetual self-restraint.

Many people believe that when they are locked in an unhealthy lifestyle, there is little hope unless help comes from outside. Let me destroy this myth.

Common thought will have us believe that, as a person who has become lost in these lifestyles, you are demonstrating the effects of a physical disease, an immorality, or mental weakness. You are no longer whole and must live the rest of your life handicapped, always afraid that your infirmity will leave you vulnerable to the slightest stress (that "push your buttons"). They also teach that you have lost control of yourself and can only live with the perpetual support of someone else. I'd like to prove to you the opposite, that you have the ability to be fully normal, and I'd like to show you how to reach normalcy again, all on your own.

You will have to appreciate that there are two parts to every unsound or unhealthy behaviour. One is the physical display. The other is the logical drive. Yes, the physical display can become adapted to the behaviour and form a physical addiction or even a diseased state. (The disease is the effect, not the cause.) That can quickly and effectively be reversed. It does not occur in a month of clinically supervised rest. Your body can restore itself as soon as you are prepared to suffer the pain for a few days. Then the healing will continue naturally as you proceed with a more balanced lifestyle.

The logical drive, on the other hand, is the area you have to stimulate and develop. It could have been stagnated during the formative years or subsequent to the neglect of your using years. You need to rejuvenate it both for your recovery and for your whole purpose in life. This is the source, the head waters of your mismanagement. It can be limited, not because you are foolish, but because you have not learned how to roll with the punches of life. By this I mean challenges beyond those that are part of your comfort zone. Even successful or learned people who may have a unique comfort zone can be challenged by unfamiliar or undesired social, biological, or other physical conditions that stay beyond them.

I want to show you how you can restore the strength and power of your logical drive and keep that control for the rest of your life. You must realize, however, that your logical drive can be developed anytime to any state of advancement no matter where or when you start, but also that you will never develop it to its fullest. That means that no one can ever feel completely capable. Therefore, anyone, the rich or poor, the learned or ignorant, the saint or sinner, is equally vulnerable. They are no more superior and you no more inferior.

So, if you really want to pull yourself out of your rut, let me guide you...wherever you are, whenever you have the time, in privacy and utmost discretion. I will guide you, step by step, to know and appreciate your logical self and build it to allow you to take charge and give yourself the chance you deserve. No one, I mean no one, should have to live the rest of life in a fear of their own weakness or past failures. Let us get you started. Don't do anything until you read all the pages of this site. Then, when you are ready, let me guide you to be able to take the ball and run with it, on your own steam.

an open discussion about substance use.

an open discussion about substance use.