When life seems too tough, don't exhaust yourself trying to fix it.
Let's show you instead how to build a Self-Image that's STRONG, INDEPENDENT and IMPERVIOUS to these assaults... in yourself or those you love. Private, Discreet, and Interactive guidance!

Our Self-Image is the strength that makes us function as competent human beings with courage, confidence and purpose.

We assume we know how to define ourselves. But we often use measures that are vulnerable to outside assaults...

  • physical assets that leave us feeling uncertain when we have them and naked when we don't.
  • a peer acceptance that is fickle and difficult to satisfy when we have it or downright invasive or dismissive when we don't.
  • physical strength, stamina and appearance that can easily be lost when we have them or a visible liability when they seem inadequate or undesirable.
Learn how you can build a Self-Image that is based instead on your greatest asset - your existence as a spiritual being with the ability to think, create ideas, and contribute of your intelligence, not just your presence.

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Dr. de Goias introduces Understanding Change

Dr. de Goias introduces Understanding Change