Do you manage life composedly?

Or do you get angry and irritable when your value systems seem violated? Resentful when things don't go your way?

Do you use drugs or alcohol to soothe yourself when life seems complicated? Or just to live at a superficial level and escape life's travails even if only for short periods?

Do you just give in for peace' sake hating yourself for doing so but suffering the exhaustion of trying to be all things to all people?

Or just suffer the emptiness and despair of failing when things seem too far out of control?

If you have already fallen into these habits, do not despair. You are neither bad nor sick, nor foolish. You see, Life management must be taught. Schools do not teach it. Religion does not. And parents, the backbone of this responsibility are so inundated by the complexities of the world today that they have difficulty figuring it our for themselves let alone teaching it to their children.


Examine A logical Life Management strategy

Examine A logical Life Management strategy

Life is complex. It should not be complicated. It is not a shame to seek information, even if you are not in a desperate need to solve a problem. Let us look at Life Management from a logical position - from our responsibility as intelligent beings to our natural instincts and the consequences for relying on them too much. Then let us show you a different perspective on how you can relate purposefully and contentedly to life as it changes in the things you do, health you need, and people you relate to.

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