when life seems too much to bear

when work or social pressure, disruption or discord in personal or family relationships leave you feeling bruised or discouraged

when you find yourself having to use alcohol or drugs (even prescription meds) just to cope or survive

when jealousy, rage, or anxiety consumes you too much or too often

You need more than to be left alone, more than magic or prayers to make the stresses go away, or more than a temporary safe place to hide.

What you really need, what really works, is to look within yourself and find the strength to be greater than the things that seem to overwhelm you.

There is no shame to this and you do not need the help of a more balanced or intelligent person to fix you.


Know that this is more normal than you are led to believe. You are just in a hole caused by life.  And you have the means to get out of the hole and get on top of life… even if you felt you never had that privilege.

You just need to know two things:

  • it is NATURAL to feel low or dispirited when life seems too hard, and
  • you have the power to rise to the challenge, not just fix it or wait it out.

But you must first realize and ignite that power!

That is the POWER of…

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