see them as inspirations to the erudition of self, not constraints that force you to be what you think you should be, at the expense of what you really are


    see them as attributes that enhance or strengthen externally, not be so much part of your primary notion of self that you feel violated when they are violated, or lost when they are gone.


    see them as options you use to help you remove or cope with the imbalance that emerges when life throws a curve; they are shields in battle, but you must still be creative. 


How to stay focused when life becomes difficult or complicated.

There are no ten easy answers, but three areas to examine carefully.

  • The complications.  Life becomes complicated because conditions change.  Small activities that occur constantly, invisible to the untrained eye, can build up to unwanted conditions or unexpected events.
  • The understanding.  Understanding can make big issues seem small and its lack can make small issues seem big.
  • The purpose.  Since change occurs constantly, understanding cannot stand still.  Understanding must include more than what is defined; it must adapt to what is happening, quickly and effectively.  
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    A problem can’t be solved without understanding its cause.   Life, work, relationships, all present problems that beg to be solved. It is only with understanding can we solve them.  .

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    Every human being is born knowing nothing.  Yet, the physical attributes that we will use the rest of our lives are already developed to their fullest.  Youths need to know how to develop the belief in self beyond the physical.

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    Our invitation is to learn to 'see' the invisible variables that form life and learn to navigate them with the power of wisdom simply by 'seeing' the self as a real and distinct entity able to grow from change, not be destroyed or stifled by it..  .

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